Friday, 14 December 2012

How to Have Frugal Fun in Maldives?

We all love holidays; there is nothing better than spending some days in solace, away from the demanding job and troubles of day to day life. When holidays are at a place like Maldives, then, everyone jumps in jubilation. That said, there is one thing- apart from holiday fat- that damps the vacation excitement; i.e. expenses. Holiday can really burn holes in the pocket and it is the sad truth we have to make peace with. However, there are ways you can have frugal fun in Maldives and save big bucks even after spending on luxury accommodation. Here are they;

Fly economical

If you are running on a tight budget this holiday season due to some financial commitments, fly economical. There is nearly nothing that can help you in saving big bucks than choosing to bear the narrow seats, noise and a little clutter. Truth be told, the journey is only going to last for a few hours and the small sacrifice will leave a lot of dough in your pocket. If that is not much of an incentive, then, think about the cozy bed you will finally lay in after reaching the country and make the airline bookings.

Try local food joints

Maldives is known for its local cuisine. There are plenty of local markets that could give you the authentic Maldivian taste. Apart from satiating your hunger, such explorations will take you to the real Maldives. Being an island nation, Maldives has a long list of recipes for fish and other sea delicacies. Do remember to try some of them. Some of the luxury hotels Maldives offer packages that include barbeque and supper arrangements. Revel on that but for other occasions, try local food joints and save money.

Go for a swim

If diving with cylinder of compressed air on your back doesn’t appeal to you, then, just go for a swim. Water is normally warm and there is no dearth of beaches for a casual swim. Ditch the water activities you have tried before; look for something that is new as it is worth spending your hard earned dollars. Snorkeling is a good option to explore the underwater world. However, make sure you don’t damage any corals while doing that as it attracts a fine. Make sure you confirm such details from your travel guide Maldives.

Get that tan

The point is more suitable for ladies reading this. If you always wanted a tan worth envying, just lay under the pleasant sun of Maldives for some hours a day and you will have it. It is good and costs nothing. Don’t forget to take your favorite book to leaf through while you soak in the sun. Some Maldives resorts also offer soothing spa treatments amongst their services. So, make sure you check them out. Men on the other hand can go for surfing.

If you inhabit a city that qualifies for a concrete jungle, then, plan to see the Maldives sunrise.

So, there is plenty of scope for frugal fun in Maldives. You just have to look at the right place.

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