Holidays in Maldives

A lot have been spoken about the picturesque waters, white shores and bliss that could be found in Maldives. And everything that is said is true and features worthy of the attention they get. However, Maldives is not just all about the underlined aspects; there is a lot more in the lap of the island nation. Its culture is one of the lesser known facets even though Maldives resorts make much effort to highlight it. So, let’s get to know about the cultural shades of the country.

Dance and music

There are plenty of options in the field of cultural music and dance that vacationers can look forward to and know the culture deeply. Boduberu is a tradition music form which is often used by inhabitants while cultural performances. It is argued that it has resemblance with songs found in East Africa. Maldives is located in the trading route of Indian Ocean and thus it is quite possible that sailors and traders brought the enchanting sounds here. Kurufali is the dance in which the music is used. Though usually performed in special ceremonies, luxury hotels Maldives also hold performances for their guests.

Boat building and local attractions

With water all around, it was almost a necessity for the natives to master the art of boat building. For fishing as well as transportation, small boats known as dhonis are made by local craftsmen. It is a lifetime experience to see them shaping the wood with their very hands and using traditional techniques to make boats that can take the strong currents. Speaking of local attractions, Friday Mosque and Islamic Centre are the two architectural marvels that could be visited in the capital, Male. Works of calligraphy are worthy of admiration.

Local Market

Trip to a foreign shore is not complete till one explores its popular local markets and brings back souvenirs for friends and family. Markets of Maldives are full of attractions that find their roots in the cultural heritage of the country. Coconut shell ornaments, red mats, lacquer ware, pillboxes and flower vases are some of the items that vacationers love to take back with them. And if it is fresh fish you are hunting for to cook on a private island or holiday homes Maldives, then, local fish market is just right.
Culture usually is mentioned far behind when Maldives holiday packages are discussed as focus is mainly on luxury, nature and comfort. As clear from the above points, this doesn’t mean Maldives score any less in it. Contours of natives show similarities with various races and this is often attributed to the trading route. African, Arab and South East Asian traders and sailors frequented the island nation and left shades of their culture.

But still, with the passage of time, people of Maldives made their own identity and the same could be easily noticed.

While this was all about cultural shades of Maldives, romance is something that has long been associated with the island of endless beaches. So, going through Maldives honeymoon packages would be worth it.
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