Maldives - Surf, Dive and Live Adventurously!

While holidaying, everyone looks for something different. For most people, luxury and tranquility is enough. Such souls go looking for the same elements around the world. However, the remaining ones are different; they crave adventure, thrill and experiences. For the ones that are in love with seas and oceans, surfing and diving pretty much encompass everything. So, let’s get to know about the two and also one of the most sought-after destination for them; that is Maldives.


There is nothing that can match the adrenaline rush that riding waves gives. All a surfer needs is a surfboard, a good wave to ride and the world is a better place. Looking for the same, surfers reach shores of Maldives and they are disappointed in no way. The island nation is full of locations where waves are always prepared to give a rush to surfers. One such place is;

Huduranfushi Island Resorts

While the island on which Huduranfushi resort is located is also known for its white sand and coral life, surfing is something for which it is celebrated worldwide. From around the world, surfers come together to tame the powerful waves that set the island apart. It is one of the few surfing hotels Maldives in North Male Atoll region that are revered for surfing prospects. The island has also hosted O'Neill Deep Blue Open World Qualifying Series (WQS) for three years in the past under the previous name Lohifushi. Along with surfing, it also offers scope for snorkeling, sailing, windsurfing and scuba diving.

Liveaboards are equally popular for surfing expeditions in Maldives. Eagle Ray Liveaboard is one of the renowned and modern liveaboards available to sail the sea in search of underwater adventures.


If surfing is something which people turn for thrill above the water, diving is what people opt for underwater excitement. Maldives is a haven for diving as it has rich aquatic life and corals. Diving locations in Maldives are world renowned. For exploring underwater world, liveaboards are considered the best. Princess Lara, Southern Cross, Maavahi and Eagle Ray Liveaboard are some of the many sailing beauties custom built for divers. By getting on any scuba diving liveaboard, one can get access to experienced crew, equipment, luxury and a journey that would become a pleasant memory for years to come.
Maldives liveaboards are also celebrated amongst underwater photographers for capturing fresh awe inspiring images of corals and enchanting sea creatures.

Diving Resorts

If one doesn’t wish to sail for long durations, then, Diving resorts Maldives is the perfect place to anchor. There is Bandos Island Resort & Spa, Dive & Stay Maldives and Anantara Veli to name a few. Every resort has world-class diving sites on offer along with everything that a top-end hospitality firm can offer. This means that along with diving, one can look forward to a lot of pampering, culture and cuisine.
Hence, we can conclude that holiday packages Maldives has a lot of surfing and diving fun on offer. Perhaps, that is why people reach the island nation also known as ‘The beautiful garland in the Indian Ocean’ for exploring everything that nature has on offer. So, surf, dive and live adventurously!

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