Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Fun Things to Do in Maldives

While on a vacation, going through the same routine of watching movies and visiting malls is the most terrible way to spend hard-earned leisure time. Instead of doing what you can do in your hometown also, one should look for unique things to do. Maldives is a country that brings umpteen fun possibilities with it. So, if you are vacationing in the island nation known as ‘The beautiful garland in the Indian Ocean’, here are some of the best fun activities you can engage in;

Dive and surf
Maldives is known for its underwater beauty. Photographers from all over the world visit the place to capture its submerged opulence in the lens. So, diving to explore the corals and aquatic life is a must-do in Maldives. There are plenty of diving sites in Maldives that can be visited for reef sharks, moray eels and Manta rays sightings. For those who can surf, Maldives is a perfect place to show your board skills.

Shop for unique souvenirs
Vacation is not a lone experience; those at home are waiting to be bought their share of goodies. Maldives’ rich culture promises number of unique artifacts that can be taken back to fascinate friends and family members. One can choose from the long list of coconut shell ornaments, red mats, lacquer ware, pillboxes and flower vases. UK tourists are particular in awe with pearl and black coral jewelry. So, while exploring local bazaars during holidays in Maldives, keep an eye on unique souvenirs.

Massages and spa treatments
Traveling so far and not trying the local massages and spa treatments could be simply horrendous. Soothing spa treatments of Maldives derived from ancient traditions and local ingredients are quite famous around the world. Some resorts in Maldives also offer special mud treatments in their packages to lure vacationers. While one can find spa treatments anywhere, Maldives is known for differentiating the experience by introducing Asian touch and local ingredients. Some resorts pack such deals in Maldives honeymoon packages.

Explore boat making, local music and dances
Every country is distinct in itself and brings with it unique heritage. Maldives is no different in this regard. Maldives culture has influences of Arab as well as African travelers, and the same reflects in its various aspects of Maldivian life. Being an island nation, one can easily come across locals making dhonis or fishing boats. It is a pleasant sight to see craftsmen make sturdy water vessels.

Local music and dance is also worth experiencing; KuruFali' is a traditional Maldivian dance that comes with BoduBeru music. UK nationals who commonly come for diving holiday Maldives experience the cultural side through luxury resorts as most of them organize performances for the evening.

Besides the above mentioned points, there are various other worth-exploring avenues in Maldives. Also include strolling in the most exquisite beaches, tagging along in a scuba diving liveaboard and dining at local food joints in your list of must-do things.

They say Maldives never runs out of fun; you just need to have the willing to explore.

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