Wednesday, 12 December 2012

5 Maldives Travel and Packing Tips

Planning a holiday can be nerve wrecking; no matter how much you plan & plot, there are fair chances you will forget something. Just like any other holiday, Maldives too ask for careful attention when it comes to holiday planning. To further minimize the chances of a holiday error, here are some travel and packing tips that can come handy;

Pack only what you can’t live without

The point is not exclusive to Maldives but goes for every vacation mission. A vacationer should pack only those things that he cannot live without. Life essentials like two-three pair of clean clothes and items of personal hygiene should always find a place in the luggage bag. Ladies should not bother to pack evening dresses until there are plans to meet royalty on dinner table. The problem with extra luggage is that some airlines charge extra for it and that also in big bucks.

Make sure there is empty space in bag

Maldives is a fascinating nation with rich culture and traditions. The Maldivian population reflects features of various races including Africans and Arabs. The local markets reflect this fusion of cultures perfectly in its coconut shell ornaments, red mats, lacquer ware, pillboxes and flower vases. Hence, if you plan to come back from your scuba diving liveaboard holiday with souvenirs for family and friends, there has to be space in the luggage. In case you land in Maldives with bags zipped with herculean effort, you will struggle on your way back. Another way to save space is rolling clothes instead of folding them.

Get the right clothes

In Maldives, the temperature fluctuates within 24 °C and 33 °C throughout the year. From June to August, monsoon adds a different charm to the island nation. So, there is no need to pack overcoats and sweaters. In case of men, shorts and t-shirts will do for most of the occasions. Women can also wear anything until it doesn’t reveal too much skin. High heels, hairdryer and other necessities can be left home while vacation with Maldives holiday packages.

Make a checklist

We know you don’t need to put it on paper and can remember everything but just to be on safer side, make a checklist. Include passports, tickets, booking details, cash, important phone numbers and everything that you think you can forget in the heat of the moment. Make a checklist to eliminate the chances of rushing back to the house to pick up something. Include ‘switch off lights’ and ‘double check locks’ if you have a bad reputation with them.

Mind your check-in and carryon luggage

There are things you need all the time and there are things that are important but not that much. The earlier ones go in carryon bag and latter in check-in luggage. Carryon need to have travel documents, passports, medicines, a pair of clean clothes and anything else dear to you. Everything else goes in check-in. This is not something Maldives specific but people usually get this wrong.

So, get in touch with the best Maldives travel agency, get above points right and you are good to go. And yes, don’t forget to pick your toothbrush.

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