Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Why Maldives Live aboard Vacation is Worth Experiencing?

We all have experienced endless shopping, sunbaths on a crowd beach and walking unknown roads to explore local tourist hotspots. The good thing about such a vacation is that one can have it near about anywhere. Liveaboard vacation on the other hand is different and entirely a new experience. Maldives is known for the vacation that takes tourists for a treat on the sea. Let’s highlight why Maldives liveaboard vacation is worth experiencing;

Heaven for divers

People who have a keen interest in diving love to join the liveaboard bandwagon. Diving makes one familiar with the world of underwater; there is enchanting world of corals, fishes and a lot more. Maldives especially is known for world class dive sites. Being part of a liveaboard tour makes one familiar to everything the vast ocean has to offer. Some of the world’s best divers become part of such tours to experience the beauty of Maldives. Even undersea photographers also join in to capture the beauty in waterproof lens.

Water view of the beautiful Maldives

Nobody would disagree that strolling through the fine beaches of Maldives is an enchanting experience but being on a liveaboard and looking at the atolls is an entirely different thing. View of the small islands with their sandy beaches and greenery can be truly mesmerizing. People who plan holidays in Maldives look forward to such breathtaking sceneries, and liveaboard offers the best opportunity for it. And yes, if you love the sight of whale sharks Manta Rays and colorful fishes, Maldives is the place to be!

Island exploration

Liveaboard life just opens new avenues when it comes to island exploration. Vacationers on a liveaboard are given the opportunity to explore the tiny islands and see how people live in harmony with nature. Being on an island with luxury hotels Maldives is one thing, and on one with no cement structures quite another. Island exploration truly becomes an adventure for people on such sailing machines.

Luxury not compromised

Assuming that being on water means you have to part with the luxury of Maldives resorts is only going to be a big error of judgment. Liveaboard life in Maldives is known for its stature in terms of luxury. MV Princess Lara, Eagle Ray, Handy Cruise and Southern Cross are some of the liveaboards that boast of unmatched level of lavishness. Air-conditioned luxurious rooms, Nitrox, Jacuzzi, lounge and even restaurant are common features of such high end liveaboards. One can also fish while holding a glass of champagne. Such fine sailing vessels ensure that their guests don’t miss the land even a little bit.

Liveaboard crew is trained to take care of every whim of the guests. Beach BBQ’s are also organized to make sure the day is concluded on an appetizing note.

We plan vacations every year, mostly going through the same old errands. Liveaboard vacations is an opportunity to do something completely different, and that too in the lap of nature and luxury.
So, while planning you next vacation, give a thought to the liveaboard style.

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