Thursday, 1 November 2012

Why Maldives is Best For Bromance?

A lot have been said and written about Maldives being the dream destination for love birds and newlywed couples but not much have been documented about Maldives being haven for bromance too. The island nation can be more than romantic and picturesque; it can be wild, fun and enthralling if you look at the right places. So, let’s highlight why Maldives is best for hanging out with buddies;

Lot to do

Men are different from women; while fairer sex is happy to occupy sandy shores and soak in the sun while holidaying, men sniff adventures and experiences. When male friends plan vacation, they like to do more than just sit around and share a drink. They like to explore new territories, try something new and, while doing that, have a lot of fun. Maldives offer plenty of scope for the same. Maldivian culture and history is worth exploring with its traditions and lifestyle. And if the earth doesn't fascinate anymore, then, one can also go underwater and explore aquatic life.

Plenty of luxury

Today’s men like to vacation in style; the quotient of comfort and luxury is raised when men travel together. After getting their hands dirty while adventuring, they like to return to comfy beds and say the day goodbye. Luxury hotels Maldives make the perfect setting for it. Five star establishments of the island nation make sure that its guests are taken care of after they return from hard day of vacationing. From high level of comfort and modern amenities, Maldives resorts promise everything.

Breathtaking water adventures

While Maldives resorts take care of the luxury part, seashores of the country promises umpteen possibilities of water adventures. While jet skiing and para sailing is something anyone can participate in, there are also skill-demanding water sports like windsurfing, waterskiing and speed boating. And if the group feels like participating in something together, catamaran rides are always there. Men are driven by thrill, and in Maldives, they find plenty of it.

Lots of food

No one needs to be told how much men love food. And if it is something truly mouth watering, then, a man would ask for nothing more. When together, men love to try new dishes and have a change of taste from the usual stake and veggies. Maldives is known for its restaurants that specialize in making tourists fall in love with their culinary skills. From local recipes to tastes from other parts of the world, restaurants and resorts Maldives bring near-about everything for their guests.

Peace and tranquility

This might seem a little odd but men too search for peace and tranquility. While vacationing, every man wishes to be someplace that can soothe the mind baffled from complaining boss, nagging wife/girlfriend and other troubles of life. During those moments of peace, he wishes the company of his best buddies to brew bromance. Maldives scores high in this area too with isolated beaches and plenty of greenery.

Luxury hotels & resorts Maldives just enhances the vacation experience in Maldives. So, when are you heading out for your next tropical vacation?

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