Friday, 19 October 2012

What Women Want From Holidays & What Maldives Can Offer?

As compared to men, women have entirely different ideas of vacation. While just beer would do for the male fraternity, women look for more subtle pleasures when they plan for vacations. Maldives is a place that boasts of near about everything that women look in a hot vacation spot. So, let get to know what women want from holidays and what the island nation has on offer;


If you have a woman in your life, you must be aware that women love beaches. They love the sandy shores, water, wearing a bikini to show off their recently acquired figure and taking long walks with their partner. However, not every beach would do; it has to be clean and not crowded as a flea market. Maldives promises the same beaches that women fall for; sparkling and full of solace. To tell you a secret, some Maldives beaches even have white sand! Now, what can get better than that?


Women love sun and the tan that comes with it. If it is mild and pleasant on skin, then, it is just cherry on the top. It is no secret that women love to lie on a beach and soak in the sun while vacationing. Holiday packages Maldives promises the same. The temperature of Maldives fluctuates between 24 °C to 33 °C all around the year. There are sea breezes to make sure that it doesn’t get too hot. And in addition to that, there are beaches where one can lazy around all day with fresh coconut drink in hand... Read More at What Women Want From Holidays & What Maldives Can Offer?


  1. wonderful! i am taking my girl in Maldives next holiday season

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