Saturday, 29 September 2012

Wonderful Maldives Holidays With Kids

Rules of vacations change when kids tag along; it means one cannot indulge in too much drinking, have to keep ears & eyes open for the kids and pay attention to what they are up to. However, this doesn’t mean one cannot have fun while holidaying. It is just that one needs to be aware how to have fun with kids around. Maldives offers oodles of fun for couples with kids. Following are the activities one can engage in with kids while in Maldives.

Treasure Hunting

Mark Twain in one of his books addressed a child’s fascination with treasure hunting. It is indeed true that kids would rather prefer get dirty in the sand rather than just lying bare under the sun. Maldives offers plenty of scope for the treasure hunting with its sandy beaches and greenery. Just spin a tale how a pirate hid its treasure on the island back in 19th century and watch your kid’s eyes grow wider. While kids engage themselves in treasure hunting, you can explore beaches with them.


There is nothing better than fresh fish in the frying pan; it is also said that it tastes the best when fresh out of water. Those who don’t have a coastline or lakes to go fishing around their homes can use the opportunity to engage in the fun activity. Kids too would love to join in for the sake of adventure and thrill of catching a fish. While children keep their eyes on the sea, you can even catch a nap under the sun! Maldives holiday packages offer accommodations where arrangements can be made for engaging in cooking. What else can be better than showing off your hidden culinary skills to the family?

The Kids Club

If your child is too small to walk around and have fun, then, there are kids club where local women can take care of the children while you explore the island nation. Such indoor clubs have everything that a kid requires to have a good time. In case one wishes to spend lone time with soul mate, then, evening babysitting services are also there. So, it can be said that holiday packages Maldives make sure that couples find the time to bond while their offspring is safe and sound.

Boat rides and games

Kids love water activities and what can be better than banana boat rides. Maldives is known for its water activities that bring the element of thrill. However, banana boat rides are only suitable for mature children. Swimming skills is also a necessity that banana boat rides ask for. Coconut boat race is another game in which the whole family can engage in. These boats made of half coconut shells are sailed in shallow waters.

Besides above mentioned activities, luxury hotels Maldives also make sure that children are not left out of the fun by organizing activities like cooking lessons with the chef. So, it can be said Maldives has plenty of firepower to engage kids and it shouldn’t be mistaken as haven of honeymoon couples only.

So, do consider the option of taking a flight and lodging in luxury hotels & resorts Maldives for wonderful vacations with your kids. is a vacation planning website that specializes in Maldives holidays. It lists the best resorts and vacation deals for its global client base. Scuba diving liveaboard and surfing holidays are popular in the island nation.

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