Thursday, 6 September 2012

How Maldives Resorts Lure Visitors?

A holiday destination doesn’t make a name all by itself. While natural, cultural or numerous other attractions plays their part, there are a number of other elements too that make a vacation spot hot and happening. One such element is hospitality. Hotels and resorts forms a very critical part of a vacationer’s experience and revered tourist destination are well aware of it. Maldives also makes a strong mark in hospitality as its resorts and hotels go to great lengths to lure visitors. Below discussed are some cases that would justify the claim.

Six Senses Laamu indulges taste buds

The resort is a well known name in Maldives hospitality for adding flavor to its guests’ experience by arranging special delights from time to time. Recently, it brought celebrated British chef, Ms. Claire Clark to its Leaf Restaurant to organize a special dinner and session of cooking classes. The lady has worked for top restaurants and has many titles to her name. She has also become part of numerous television shows and cook-books. Such company was only delight for the guests of the resort also known for its Holiday Packages Maldives.

The resort has itself held distinguished titles in different global awards and travel magazines. It is only by such efforts as the one discussed above that Six Senses Laamu has been able to reserve its place in the history books of hospitality.

Huvafen Fushi striving from perfection

The resort has entertained celebrities like George Clooney and Kate Moss, and from the same, the idea of its  plendor could be derived. But such achievements don’t stop Huvafen Fushi from striving for perfection. Quite recently, the resort famous amongst newlyweds for Maldives honeymoon packages went on a renovation drive to make some changes to enhance the experience of its guests. During the effort, it gifted vacationers with see-through glass floors so that people can see breathtaking waters beneath them. New furnishings, wall hangings, and other decor items were installed to elevate the regal feel of the resort.
The resort is also known for its raw food and collection of beverages.

Waldorf Astoria high-speed additions

The luxurious resort has always taken the competition one step ahead in everything it does, and with its latest addition of brand new speedboat to its already decorated fleet, it has done the same. Nooraanee 3 is the name of the new possession and is available for private expeditions, dolphin watching and island tours. In just 45 minutes, it can take guests to the airport.
These were the few examples of how Maldives resorts entice vacationers into visiting the country. There are a number of other quarters too in which Maldives score above other holiday destinations. One such is Maldives diving holidays that raise the curtain from the beauty deep oceans hide from the outer world. Divers from around the world reach Maldives shores to explore the aquatic life it has on offer.
So, in a way, we can say that Maldives resorts are not the only crowd pullers; Maldives itself does a wonderful job.

Maldives Traveller is a company that assists vacationers in organizing their stay in the island nation, Maldives. It has been active in the business since 2007 under the guidance of its founder, Mr. Ahmed Manik.

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