Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Liveaboard Life in Maldives

A lot is said about Maldives being the centre of attraction for global vacationers, and everything spoken is only true as it has plenty of sun, blue waters, adventure activities, white sand and hospitality on offer. However, in this particular work, our focus is a bit different. As obvious from the title only, focus is on liveaboard life in Maldives. So, let’s head straight to the topic.

Liveboards are powerful yet stylish yacht or boats loaded with modern amenities that sails blue waters. Liveboard lifestyle is gaining popularity around the world, and liveboard based holidays are perfect for those who wish to explore more of water than land in their vacations. Holidays in Maldives offers a number of options for such vacations as there are renowned locations around the cluster of islands considered best for underwater experience.

Liveaboards Clientele
While anyone can choose to be part of marine trip, mostly divers and under water photographers come looking for liveaboard services. Just like tourists, aqua professionals also find underwater life of Maldives fascinating and often wish for new experiences.

Liveaboard Essentials
It wouldn’t be wrong to say that liveaboard clientele is a bit sophisticated and expect high standards in hospitality and other amenities. Boarders usually prefer to sail with an experienced crew, seasoned diving guide, technology advanced machinery and arrangement of diving equipment. When it comes to accommodation, they wish nothing less than the experience of luxury hotels Maldives. Spacious rooms and multimedia arrangements are other features where professionals like divers do not wish to compromise.

Arrangement of international cuisines is another field where a liveaboard cannot afford to fail. Chefs make sure that their delicacies bring the quality of Maldives resorts.

Maldives Specials
Maldives offers a number of options for vacationers that come looking for the ultimate liveaboard experience. One can choose to go onboard with Eagle Ray Liveaboard, Sting Ray Liveaboard and Maavahi Liveaboard. All have experienced crew, chefs and divers to sail the waters with the ocean-curious souls. And if one wishes to have a 5 star experience, then, there is Princess Lara which has a name for its world class service. It boasts of a big lounge, Jacuzzi and high quality restaurant apart from other amenities. There are a number of other options like Southern Cross worth exploring.

More Than Diving
With their obsession for luxury, liveaboards in Maldives offer a lot more than just diving. If you don’t feel like stepping in the water to explore the aquatic life, just laying on the upper deck with a cocktail in hand while sun goes down in far horizons could be an experience worth flaunting. And with your loved ones nearby, this could be the moment worth preserving for life.

So, the liveaboard life in Maldives is certainly fun for anyone who likes to dive, photograph or just relax. And in case one is looking for land, people or just pure fun, then, parking at holiday homes Maldives and setting out to experience everything that is on offer is never out of option.

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